11 November 2008

Hallowe'en 2008 -- plink The Vampire Hunter

Late one foggy evening, plink and skunkie struggle with the weekly shopping. It is Hallow'een and the skies have long been dark.

plink: Oh I do hope there aren't any vampires about. *Teehee*

skunkie: !!..!.!! *giggle*

plink: Yes, it would be horrible if one was to get us right now. We wouldn't know where to go!

vampire: Ah-har! I am a vampire and I vant your blood!

plink: Ah-har! I am a vampire hunter and you have fallen into our trap! skunkie, quick!

skunkie: *garlic from supermarket*

vampire: Aarrghh!!

skunkie: *WHACK!!*

plink: skunkie! What are you doing?!

skunkie: !!.!!.....!!, !! !! ... !..!!!!. !!.!!!!!!

plink: No, no, no! The old stories say to kill a vampire with a stake through the heart! A STAKE!!

skunkie: ..!!.!!...?

plink: A STEAK is not going to work.

skunkie: !!.!!!

plink: Yes, the vampire does look very annoyed. Run, skunkie. Run quick!

And so, plink and skunkie, like all good children this Hallow'een, learn that vampire-hunting is best left to the experts. And besides, there's always next year. Unless you get eaten first....