25 December 2007

Santa Claus is . . . .

Late, late last night....

skunkie: *whackwhackwhack*

plink: skunkie! What are you doing?

skunkie: …!!!!.!....!!!!!!

plink: Kenot! Rudolph’s nose may be green right now, but smacking him will not make it turn red again.

skunkie: !...!!!, !!!!....!!!!!..!!!!

plink: And how is Rudolph going to feel when he is known as Rudolph the orr-chnie* Reindeer?

Next year, I will not be leaving out liulian koay** for Santa....

*orr-chnie: blue-black / bruised
**liulian koay: durian cake and/or candy

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17 December 2007

Own Medicine

Earlier, on the set of Ask Dr. Chen....

plink1: Look, Dr. Chen bring durians!

plink2: Yum!

plink3: Very nice. Got D24, potato, red ant....

plink4: Red ant?

plink3: Oops, red prawn....

plink2: Yum!

plink1: skunkie! You from Canada?

skunkie: *nodnodnod*

plink1: Canada got durian?

skunkie: *shakehead*

plink1: Nah, eat durian!

skunkie: *sniffsniff@.@*