29 September 2007

Travel inconvenience

At an airport recently....

[subtitles prease]

plink: Green Lane, Nothing to Declare <------- >_> Red Lane, Goods to Declare

Customs Man: Good morning miss. Please come this way (to the Red Lane).

plink: OK (h£$7!!!!)

CM: Where have you come from today?

plink: Malaysia....

CM: OK. Got anything to declare?

plink: *play dumb* No....
Very serious
CM: Very well, you can... what was that?

plink: What? What?

CM: I saw your bag move!

plink: Dun have lar. I push accidentally wan.

CM: Miss, please open your bag.

plink: Why? Bag cannot simply open wan.

CM: In the name of (some foreign country mya government), I have to search your bag.

plink: Kenot!

CM: Dunpraypray me arh! Very serious wan. What is inside your bag?

plink: O.O" err... clothes, presents....

CM: Animals?

plink: Dun have! *cross fingers behind back*

CM: I don't believe. *open bag*

skunkie: *hugmuakz*

CM: *pengsan*


21 September 2007

Do or not?

If your life depended on it....

If many people's lives depended on it....

Would you?

Could you?


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11 September 2007

On the bus today

On the bus today...

Over to one side was a young boy with a hearing aid.

On the other side was an older boy playing loud music into his ears.

If people's hearing starts out bad when they are young,

If people's hearing gets better when they get older,

I think I know why pGrandma doesn't like loud music....

01 September 2007

New language

skunkie: *miao*!

plink: ?!o.O?!

skunkie: *miaeow*!

plink: Skunkie, what are you doing?

skunkie: .!!.!!

plink: Wah, Skunkie so smart, learn new language.

skunkie: *nodnodnod*

plink: But why?

skunkie: .!!....!.!.!!!

plink: Were you going to campaign for Liucas?

skunkie: *nodnod*.... :D

plink: *pengsan*

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