15 February 2007

Gong Xi Valentine's Fa Cai

Earlier today....

plink: *writewritewrite*
skunkie: *wagtail*

plink: Later dear. Mummy busylar now.
skunkie: *hmmp!*
*go telephone*
*dialdial yakyak*


plink: Grumblegrumble... stupid Valentine's Day.. stupid blogger's block....
peacock: *preenpreen*
skunkie: *two thumbs up*

plink: *minding own business*
peacock: *open fan display*
skunkie: Wah, colours!

plink: Orang tengah buat keje nih.... Shoo....
peacock: Waargh! *sobz* T.T
skunkie: *hmmp!*
*go telephone again*
*dialdial yakyak*

Yet later

plink: *scribblescribble*


plink: ?o.O?


plink: ?!O.o?!


plink: @.@
skunkie: *MUAK!*

plink: *pengsan*

Gong Xi Valentine's Fa Cai everyone!

09 February 2007

N..e..a..r..l..y T..h..e..r..e....

... but why does it have to be so difficult?