27 February 2006

Back on track

Last night, the second project took off again. Owing to distraction on my part (working on other things over the weekend), the primi donne (thanks LB) were rampant on Saturday.
Things were very nervous for a while.
Last night's emergency meeting solved most of the problems. All we have to do now is rush for the deadlines.
Some things never change....

21 February 2006

Sing, Sing A Song

I've not pointed this out before, but just in case nobody's noticed, that little orange box in the top right of this blog is being turned to my little plinky purposes.
Instead of placing a description there, I write song lyrics. This could be an on-going game of Name That Tune.
What do you think?

20 February 2006

Something big this way comes....

...And it isn't me.

Lately, I'd been getting the feeling that one or more very large events are headed my way. This feeling was borne out in the last few days, by two things in particular.

One projects at work which was plodding along has suddenly gained momentum. I find myself in a headlong rush to do five, maybe six things in one go.

Yet another project is in danger of spiralling rapidly out of control. In my direction too! Though if I can ride it out and make things work I get to look seriously good.

The first project is staffed by a bunch of tremendously good people and my boss is watching out for me. I am the leading the second project, but that is scant comfort as that we are a group of recalcitrants and... what's the plural for prima donna? The two teams could not be more different.

Then there are the conferences to present at, where industrial cross-examination is not only expected, it is a requirement.

It isn't all bad: that wonderful swarm of ideas around me is getting brighter again. That has got to be a good thing.

Somehow though, it feels like there's more yet to come. Is this a good problem or a bad one?

Tripped over this while reading Fireangelism:

plink --


A poltergeist sent back in time to change the course of history forever

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

This probably explains why I have feelings and vibes about the future. Scary.

17 February 2006

How old: a meme

Got tagged earlier this week by Selba, who got it from SooHK.
Ish, geramnyer....
In any case, a meme is a meme is a meme. And there's this strange compulsion to do them anyway.
The most compelling memes blend nostalgia with imagination and this one is as compelling as they come. Let's get started, shall we?
  1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed the most
    *** Ernest Borgnine: Italian, jolly and always good fun. I like the way his eyes bulge out during times of crisis.
  2. Name a cartoon of the old old days
    *** Doraemon: Blue, squeaky and magical. Stops me thinking of the old old days straightaway.
  3. Name a singer/group of the old days
    *** De La Soul – Eye Know.
  4. Band of the old days
    *** Take That -- re-light my fire!
  5. TV Series of the old days
    *** The Dukes of Hazzard, now parodied (I think so anyway) in a motion picture.
    *** Herbie -- same here....
  6. Actress of Old Days
    ***Erin Gray –as Col. Wilma Deering in Bark Rosak in the 25th Century. And she's still hard at work; tabik maksimum, weh!
  7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most
    *** Flares. H..U..G..E flares!
  8. Movie of Old Days
    *** Bambi…. WuuHuHu….
  9. Music Video of Old Days
    *** Dancing on the Ceiling – Lionel Ritchie. Check out the special effects! ROTF(sorry, ceiling)LOL!
  10. Coolest Song of Old Days
    *** All Night Long – by Lionel Ritchie, of course. Quelle surprise.
We're all grownups here, so I won't tag anyone myself. However, having read this far, you've just tagged yourself so go tell us how old you are!

14 February 2006

St. Valentine's meme.

... Well, not exactly. Hedonistics Anonymous (Hi!) tagged me yesterday. This is how it goes:

  1. What did you do for last Valentine’s?
    I worked through Valentine’s Day!
  2. What are you planning to do for next (tomorrow’s) Valentine’s?
    Guess what I’m doing again this Valentine’s?
  3. What would be the ideal place to celebrate Valentine’s?
    One word: boudoir.
  4. What qualities in a person would make an ideal Valentine’s date for you?
    I’m going to have to go with HA for this one: money, loads. Yes, please. More than that, patience, the ability to listen and shop and…. Look, shopping is the prelude to the 'main event', ok?
  5. What gifts would you buy / have bought for your partner?
    All I ever get is cards and flowers. Why is everyone so kiamsiap these days? And when I say kiamsiap, I mean in time and ideas, not money. Hello! Where are your pbrains, people? Valentine’s Day is not an excuse to do the same things as usual, only bigger and more expensive! Use your imagination, surprise me.
  6. What gifts would you buy / have received from your partner?
    All they ever get is cards and flowers. Why is plink so kiamsiap these days? And when I say kiamsiap, I mean in time and ideas, not money. Hello! Where are your pbrains, plink? Yadayadayada….
  7. What is your favourite all-time romantic movie?
    Sleepless in Seattle. And they'd have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky kids....
  8. If you could choose any person on earth to be your date on Valentine’s, who would it be?
    The person in number 4 above, please.
  9. And then hor… I am tagging all these beautiful people:
    Yee Wei (Muahahar! Revenge!)
    Uncle SAm

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Edit: Those who've missed out today, fear not! Yee Wei has pointed out that the Japanese have two. And if Chap Goh Meh isn't enough, Chinese also get a second go! For the undecided and the unbudgeted, this is what is known as the Dilema Kasih.... :P

13 February 2006

Valentine's Chap Goh Meh

At dinner with friends last night, we talked about Chinese New Years past and about St Valentine's Day. We had been going between the two for a while, when someone dropped a conversation-stopper.

'Chap Goh Meh is Chinese Valentine's Day, isn't it?'

That does make a certain amount of twisted sense. Wishes fly in both directions for a desirable other-half, silliness abounds, chaperones are much in evidence....

Aren't we lucky in Malaysia: we get Chap Goh Meh plus Valentine's Day? Twice the fun, twice the fuss.

Does anyone know if there's a day like Valentine's in any other calendar?

Edit: This was last night, but I can't help but wonder if my friend reads Selba....

09 February 2006

Chinese New Year Trailer: Mission Implinkable

It's the Chinese New Year in the Maldives and someone is also having a birthday party. Stranger yet, plink has been allowed to carry the birthday cake, with sparklers.

'Aack!' as feared, plink trips again. Cake and sparklers travel briefly skywards, then earthwards. A number of attendees dive in slow motion, converging on the falling cake.

The outstretched hand of Tan Yee Wei saves the cake (and party), but the sparklers bounce free. Spraying fire as they tumble through the air, they land on a conveniently placed fuse, which starts to burn.

*Original Mission Impossible theme starts, with flute solo*

'Oh no!' plink scurries over the struggling mass of party-goers and sprints after the fast-burning fuse. Yee Wei gives chase, cake still in hand.

*fuse burns from left to right across the screen*

KucingGatal, watching from across the room, sees the fuse burning towards furniture. Moving quickly and changing shape as only a Kucing can, she darts under the most likely chair. Shredded carpet glints in the sunlight as she tears after the flame.

LB, struggling with the birthday durian, drops mallet and spike. Taking off after the Kucing, he nearly trips over plink but eventually does over YeeWei. Tumbling and rolling, the disoriented duo somehow manage to regain their feet and keep going after the fire.

Counting her angpau haul, Yvy suddenly becomes aware of a hissing noise. Turning to admonish the Kucing, it becomes apparent that there is a fire headed towards her. Sampan paddle in hand, Yvy dives for the burning fuse as well.

There is a tangle of four as Yvy, plink, Yee Wei and LBond come together again. Meanwhile the fuse continues to burn quickly.

*fuse burns from right to left across the screen*

Hedonistics Anonymous is enjoying sashimi, surreptitiously picking the bits off from the Yee Sang. Puzzled by the sudden smell of burning, she looks under the table to see the lit fuse spark its way towards her. The Hedo suddenly sees Kucing come through and leap towards her.

Both the cat and spark are gone in a flash and HA returns to her meal. She is interrupted by a sudden commotion as people dive under the table, under her chair, across her meal, everywhere. Giving up, Hedonistics shrugs her shoulders and gives chase as well.

Metria is reading on a couch, totally engrossed in her book. The tide of humanity washes over, under and through, carrying her with it. Not noticing the commotion, she stops only to turn the page.

*fuse burns from left to right again across the screen*

The Simple American steps back and admires his handywork. Combining American know-how with Thai firepower gives the best value for money, othewise known as the biggest bang for your buck. Eight strings of firecrackers, each one eight feet long, dangle from the balcony. SAm is glad that the display is properly set up.

Turning to look for the end of the fuse, he is suddenly passed by the blazing spark and then by the stampede after it.

*filmed in slow motion*

Arm outstretched, SAm starts after the seething mass of humanity (and cat). As the fuse branches, one spark becomes two, then four and eight. Jaws drop en masse as the crowd suddenly sees the Damocles' Sword of firecrackers hanging above.

Firecrackers fill the air with smoke and earsplitting noise. Shreds of red paper fill the air. For a long moment, smoke, explosions and red paper hide everything.

All is quiet. All that remains is a large pile of red paper on the drive. Then everyone bursts out, scattering red everywhere.

'Gong Xi Fa Cai!'

*end MI theme with trumpet fanfare*

08 February 2006

Valentine's Day meme

Tan Yee Wei, what a naughty boy. My hands are full of a feature-length film, you go and tag me some more. What a fascist/dictator/neo-imperialist leader....

Write a short romantic excerpt of a facist/ dictator/ neo-imperalist leader [e.g.] George Bush, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.

So here goes....


The Great Emperor stalked through the manicured lawns of his palace. Absently adjusting his turban, Shah Jehan mulled over his problem: gifts.

Flowers were not a good idea. Too common.

A new nose jewel for the wife? Too troublesome. She already had seven. The last one shone so brightly that courtiers went blind for a week. The Empress herself was cross-eyed for a month afterwards. It had been a difficult time.

The most powerful conqueror in all India continued to wrestle with his problem again, pausing briefly to chase away a couple of inquisitive peacocks.

‘The curse of Intractable Dandruff upon this St. Valentine!’ he burst out. The business of conquering and running India would grind to a halt at this time every single year. Princes, Ministers and war heroes alike were reduced to simpering idiots and for what? So they could all consider how best to please their wives.

Now, there was an idea. He would make every day St. Valentine’s Day for people he didn’t like. It was nasty, but appropriate. He didn’t like those people, the Empire didn’t like them, not even their wives liked them. Punishing miscreants with living St. Valentine’s Day every day would make everyone happy.

Especially the wives.

Shah Jehan twirled his moustache in delight.

‘Prime Minister!’ he called over his shoulder. ‘The men who are to be executed: reprieve them. The Empire is merciful even unto traitors.’
'Your Majesty?'

‘Yes, mercy. Henceforth, every day of their lives shall be St. Valentine’s Day.’
The Prime Minister gaped at him. When he found his voice again, it was a shocked whisper. ‘Every day?’
‘Every day.’

Shah Jehan had several sleepless nights as his lack of inspiration continued to frustrate him. He was no closer to a present for his wife when his Prime Minister approached with news of the realm.

‘O my Emperor. Your mercy has been a great success! The people do love you for it.’
‘And what of the doomed?’
‘O Conqueror of India, Right Arm of the Prophet, many of the pardoned are no more.’
'Truly, my Emperor. Rather than spend their days pleasing their wives, the Usurers of Udaipur threw themselves before a convoy of elephants. The Dastardly Drug Dealers of Delhi purified themselves
en masse in the Great Ganges. The Maharaja of Patna, who did plot against you, was found dead by the Maharani this morning. He was sat uncomfortably on a fence.’
‘A fence?’
‘A most pointed fence. Also, the former Minister for Public Works went hunting for tigers by himself. He has not been seen for days and is presumed eaten.’
‘And that white building he’s been stealing Imperial funds to build?’
‘It belongs yet to the Empire, O Emperor.’

Shah Jehan thought about that for a while. The building did not have any obvious use, even though it cost a vast sum of money. White marble was very expensive but it did look very nice.

‘The Empress Mumtaz shall have it.’ he decided.
‘Your Majesty?’

‘Yes. Such a magnificent home, for a beautiful wife. It should have a beautiful name. I shall call it the Taj Mahal.’

Judging from the whining I get from guy friends at this time every year, that's how the Taj Mahal came to be. But don't come to plink asking for lessons in history; gerenti F9 punye....

Edit 09/02/06: Everyone who wants to is tagged. I think this is called spreading the love. Go on, it's Valentine's Day. You know you want to!

02 February 2006

Dr. Oops: Trailer One, Mission Implinkable

A sunny tropical beach, line with palms and ringed by and azure sea. The sky is clear and the sand, blindingly white. A warm breeze blows landwards, making palm fronds sway gently, almost seductively.
A young woman, Miss Ryder, emerges from the waters as a familiar man watches. As he makes a drink for himself inside inside his beachside hut, Mr. Bond hears her sing:

'Underneath the mango tree....'

Then, a sudden silence. Turning to the sea, Miss Ryder stares in sudden amazement and fear as someone else rises from the waves. Without so much as a ripple, a little figure dressed in a little white smock comes to stand on the waves. Long black hair completely covers its face, seeming somehow also to dim the sun.

Silence fills the air as surf and even the breeze is stilled. Colours shift, becoming wan and melting together as the little one approaches her. The young woman feels suddenly cold as the little girl in the smock reaches up and parts her hair.

'Aiyah. Wrong movie leh!' exclaims plink. Looking around in obvious confusion. 'I'm supposed to be in another story,' she explains by way of apology to the stunned Ms. Ryder. One anklehug and a quick wave later, she is gone.

*Roll James Bond opening theme*