26 May 2007

Tea break finish! Guess?

And now, back to Ask Dr. Chen!

Dr. Chen: When we last left plink, skunkie and the sotong, they were building something out of teacups. Let's go see if they have finished.

A very long, high stack of porcelain teacups stretches as far as the eye can see. The three builders are nowhere to be seen, but sounds of stacking come from the other side. Dr. Chen and the camera crew look over.

Dr. Chen: Finish yet or not?

skunkie: *nodnod*

plink: Not yetlah! Faster build summore. This episode going to finish soon liao!!

sotong: =] O.O [=

plink, skunkie and sotong: *buildbuildbuildbuildbuild*

Dr. Chen: This is starting to look very familiar....

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23 May 2007


A teacup. Slender tentacles wind carefully around the teacup, placing it on top of other teacups arranged in careful rows.
Another teacup. Tiny hands lift it up to other teacups arranged in careful rows
Yet another teacup. A set of black and white paws place it onto other teacups carefully arranged in rows.


Dr. Chen: plink, skunkie and a sotong are making long rows of porcelain teacups as high as they can reach. Can you tell what they have been doing? Let's go ask them.

sotong: *buildbuild*

Dr. Chen: Are you putting teacups together?

sotong: *dunno* Am I?

Dr. Chen: Yes, you are. What are you building?

sotong: *dunno* Am I building?

Dr. Chen: How about you, skunkie?

skunkie: !!

Dr. Chen: Building with teacups, yes. What for?

skunkie *dunno*

Dr. Chen: plink. Do you know what you are building?

plink: *dunno*

Dr. Chen: *to audience* Do you know what they are building?


03 May 2007

Sad movies and books

plink is reading at table. skunkie is passing by when....

plink: *sniffsniff*

skunkie: o.O

plink: *sobsob*

skunkie: ?

plink: I'm reading sad story.

skunkie: ?!

plink: Yalor, read sad story also can cry.

skunkie: !!

plink: Yes, mummy is a bit silly, crying when it's only a story after all.

skunkie: ROTFLOL!

plink: Same like when you cry watching sad movies lorr....

skunkie: -.-"


Isn't it silly though? The princess, taken so cruelly from her prince, will join him once more. There would be no story to tell if people led perfect lives. And sometimes there is nothing to do except the noble sacrifice.

Excuse me, I'm off to tease skunkie about watching Bambi again.