25 December 2006

A very Merry plinksmass....

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to one and all!

If you have been good all year, I will be placing nice TungKu in your stocking.

If you have not been good, Skunkie will be along shortly to gautim you. Yes, YOU! ;)


17 December 2006

Ask Dr Chen

*silly theme music*

(announcer with faux American accent)

...And we're back with Ask Dr Chen!!!

*Dr. Chen seated with audience of little plinks*

Dr. Chen: And now, we answer questions sent in by mail. Our question today is:

'How many times can you catch cold in four weeks?'

*turns to assemblage of little plinks*

What do you think?

*sudden flurry of raised hands and quick answers*

plink1: Once?

plink2: TWICE!!

Dr. Chen: No, the answer is THREE TIMES!

multitude of plinks: Orr..... Lidat arr?

Dr. Chen: That is all the time we have for today's 'Ask Dr Chen.' Until next time, eat lots of oranges and drink plenty of fluids.


Hello to all my friends who have continued to drop by. Can you believe that I have caught cold three times in the last four weeks?
The last time was the worst. I am feeling much better now than I did a couple of days ago.
A couple of days ago, I felt so bad I nearly wanted to die.
Now that I can think more clearly, I want whoever passed this on to me, to die. Or I would be happy just to piak them with a sotong.
Please excuse me, we are filming another episode of Ask Dr Chen now....



04 December 2006


What is it like to be ignored?
What is it like to be unnoticed or unnoticeable?
What if people cannot see you?
What is it like for people to try and walk through you like you are not there?

I can tell you these things because I am a wallflower or, as one visitor might say, 'So wallflower lidat until can die!!!'

Restaurant staff overlook me, the librarian doesn't notice. Even friends can look straight past me.

Does this mean that I am not really here? What's going on?