27 June 2007

Going up....

Earlier this morning, at the lift lobby....

'Doors opening'

'Doors closing'

'Doors opening'

'Doors closing'

Where have I heard this all before?

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21 June 2007


Beautiful ....

Me or the sunset?

Would you believe me if I said you?

Were you going to say me?

Should I say you?

Would you say me?

03 June 2007

Time for desert

Announcer: Aaand LIVE from the Great Wall of China,
It's Ask Dr. Chen!

Dr. Chen with a group of little plinks at the Great Wall of China. Mountains in the background and blue skies... except that everything is obscured by dust....

plink1: *dustdustdust*

plink2: *koffkoffkoff*

plink3: *sniffsniff*

plink4: AAT-CHOOO!!

Dr. Chen: Do you know why the Great Wall of China is so dusty?

plink1: *dunno*

plink2: Untidy?

plink3: Dun care. Let's go Takla Makan!

plink4: Izit? Wait first, I Go Buy Dessert....

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