15 August 2007

Wordless Wednesday


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China Taxing

In Beijing, two taxi drivers are playing chinese chess at a tea shop. In between moves, they ponder recent events.

Driver 1: Too many tourists.
Driver 2: And they speak very strange language.
Driver 1: Just the other day, I picked up a little girl who wanted to go to the Beijing Ultimate Bad Chicken Long (bei3 jing1 guo2 wai1 ji1 chang2).
Driver 2: Crazylar these tourists.
Driver 1 : And then they talk Engrish also very strange. Another little plink wanted to go Eight Great Bells (ba4 da1 ling2). Said it was where they were filming for One Mile Long Chen (Wan4 Li3 Chang2 Chen2). Turns out they were filming an episode of Ask Dr. Chen!
Driver 2: That childrens’ programme ar?
Driver 1: Yes, that’s the one!
Driver 2: And this plink is the children ar?
Driver 1: Ya, like the Chinese New Year Karaoke wan!
Driver 2: *pengsan*
Driver 1: Kekeke… checkmate, I win!

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