31 August 2006

Merdeka 2006 Part I

Hari ini ulangtahun keempatpuluh sembilan Hari Merdeka kita. Sempena hari yang penuh bermakna, beberapa pembelog / blogawan / blogitikus mengadakan kempen berpuisi.

Berikutnya sumbangan saya:

Cantiknya bunga sekuntum
Membisik pada hati terharu
Bisingnya mercun berdentum
Petanda pula hari terbaru

Kelmarinnya hari terakhir
Tahun keempat puluh lapan
Impian sekaum, sejiwa lahir
Malaysia kita bersatu harapan

Bahagian keduanya akan diterbit pada Hari Malaysia yang akan datang....


29 August 2006


Kyels tagged me this morning. The challenge? To reveal six random things about myself, then find six hapless people to foist this on.


Six random things:

1. Coffee makes me sleepy or gets me agitated. Only the strongest coffee has the desired effect. I L O V E strong coffee....

2. When driving, I have to signal before I change lane.

3. When nervous, I pick and scratch at my nails. Chewing on them is just too gross....

4. When I was young, I listened to the radio / Waiting for my favourite song....

5. I can sometimes be spied in an SS2 eatery sampling a Mango Sago Loh. Who with? That would be telling.... ;)

6. When I'm listening: 'Mmhmm,' 'Ya,' 'Right,' 'OK.' When I'm not listening: 'Mmhmm,' 'Ya,' 'Right,' 'OK.' Oops...!

Six random people:

Unker FF
Lao Chen

I wonder what their sixes would be like....

24 August 2006

Fikiran Serong (Thinking crooked)

At the office, one colleague from The South, Ms. X was talking to another, Mr. Y.

Ms. X: ...And yes, the course I recommend is The Southern one.

Mr. Y: How come? Good ah?

Ms. X: Of course-la good. Detailed notes, good lecturers and tutors. The practical sessions good summore, very realistic(k).

Mr. Y: But The South is a bit far, hor?

Ms. X: Yah, but the course is very near to my place. When you come, stay overlah. I make sure there's a bed for you....

Whole office: *O.Odropfilespengsan*

Ms. X: -_-" NOT MY BED LAH! Spare bed wei....

23 August 2006

Titoki Syndrome....

Actions speak louder than words
If so, I have been screaming for the longest time. Yet, the world remains deaf to my urgings. The deaf may not hear, so I am faced with the prospect of ‘screaming’ for quite a while yet.

Travelling the world, only to find myself where I started; running furiously just to stay in the same place
Both are equally true for me. I feel stuck in the same place and time that I have been in for years, having expended time and effort to get someplace else.

I'm stuck. In a way, I sort of have titoki syndrome.

If you happen to find her a cure, could you please pass some this way?

Pretty please?

14 August 2006

The Danger of (NOT) Procrastinating

Oh my.....

The cup of tea I made this morning sits cold and untouched. It seemed only a few moments ago that it was made.

A little water in a kettle to boil, a little clean cup to stand, a little tea bag from a box marked 'Earl Grey.' The kettle boiled, I filled the cup, then tended to other matters.

Now, I am left with a cold cup of something that looks strangely like coffee and a strange, un-coffee-like aroma, asking...

'...just WHERE does time go these days?'

09 August 2006

Lunch for Twenty

While some people have been having parties (yes, in the plural), despite the difficulties involved. However, the party I have been thinking of comes from our cruising friend and could be a little more difficult to arrange....


Twenty Guests for Lunch

Tunku Abdul Rahman and Mrs. Tunku. Reputed to be great dancers and excellent at parties.

Mark Twain. Author, humourist and I heard somewhere that he was also good with the sketchpen.

Rodgers and Hammerstein. There will be a little piano in the corner and they could liven up things, in turn with another guest….

Caesarion. Son of Gaius Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. I wonder what our Egyptian guest would make of today's food, today's Malaysian food

Marie Antoinette. I would have roti at the table… just to see what she thinks of it.

Teresa Teng, who bridged generations with her songs. Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo Di Xin / The Moon Representing My Heart is an old favourite.

Mary Shelley. First science fiction horror novelist. Apparently wrote Frankenstein quickly and on a dare!

Mr. And Mrs. Joe Kennedy. I’d like to see some of the sheer ambition that eventually led to one son becoming President and two (?) more sitting in the Senate.

Mr. And Mrs. Winston Churchill. Wonderful, wonderful wit.

Douglas Adams. Best known for The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, he was a truly prolific author of screenplays, short stories and radio plays (H2G2 originally started out on radio). Enormously funny in person, he would be nice to have around in case anyone said something to stop conversation.

Pierre Curie and Marie Curie (nee Sklowdowska). Both husband and wife had the distinction of opening the door to the nuclear age as well as that of being the first to suffer the effects. I get the feeling that they understood more than they wrote down. Lunch might be a good time to find out just how much.

Mozart. For obvious reasons (see Rodgers and Hammerstein above). It might just be a little bit difficult to get the Beloved of God away from the piano, so I might have to call on the combined services of may and LB to work their magic in the kitchen. Wolfgang A. Mozart apparently liked lengloei and good food, so I will have to find much of both. Given his gifts though, do I really want to stop him playing?

Queen Elizabeth I. Plotted and schemed against by all and sundry, doomed to die before her eighteenth birthday, she single-handedly snatched the throne from her enemies. Then she had them killed. Reputed to be exceptionally reserved, the Virgin Queen might take the opportunity to come out of her shell at lunch.

Victoria, Queen of England and Empress of India. Victoria was the first monarch to openly marry for love. So deeply in love were they that when Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria wore black mourning for the rest of her life. I’d like to invite Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for lunch, to see if Victoria still knows how to enjoy herself or if ‘we are (still) not amused.’


It would be a small, finger-food session, largely to keep conversation fluid and to get Amadeus away from the piano from time to time.

And later, at the end, we could all go off to the local Stabak or cafe-with-WiFi and blog about it. I want to read Mark Twain's entry and Mary Shelley's novelization....

03 August 2006

Wrong Meme

There just never seems time to say or do things any more, so I'm just reduced to doing tags.


OK, despite knowing that there are (and will be) no photos on Delima Kasih, angel wanted to know what I am wearing. Right this moment.

What is the time now?

*looks at timestamp*

I am going to do an angel and quickly change first....


There are no photos, so let's use our imaginations, like always.

Let's start with a blue and white blouson with a label AhWongKor might find familar. Worn loose, because of my un-angel-like figure but I think it is amazing what designers can do these days.
White sleeves, blue centre and a nice red zip front complete the wannabe-sports feel.
Yes,it is true. I spend more time looking like I've been to the gym than actually doing it.

Not black, but a very dark blue. This is the sort of colour that is difficult to describe. Call it black and someone is bound to object. The same thing happens if you call it blue.
I like the way it is cut. Since when was it possible for loose-fitting clothes to flatter a figure? Obviously, I know nothing about design.
I know what I like though. You won't catch me wearing any of that low-cut stuff....

Just like winn, I am wearing Adidas. Just like winn, I am going to bluff you all that they are dirty.
Who'd have thought that you could put cream and black leather together with gold embroidery? I am glad that they did.
Strangely for Adidases (Adidi/Adidae?), mine are lace-less. How about yours?