30 January 2006

Kiong Hee Huat Jai!

How was your weekend?
New Year's Eve was nice. Dinner with friends, then off to another friend's place. Had a little fun, was persuaded to play cards. I even won a little money.
Shame it was only enough for a teh halia....
Ah well, Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

26 January 2006

Casting Call: Mission Implinkable

*Roll Mr. Mancini's delicious Mission: Impossible theme*

Good morning Jim, glad you could make it. Your mission follows.

Courtesy of temporary Bondmania on my part, I'm going to try an espionage film (what else?).
So far, LB, Yvy, SimpleAmerican and Tan Yee Wei have signed up, willingly and/or otherwise.
We're still open for more cast members. Come, come, don't shyshy here.
Even once we've started, there'll still be room for more.
OK, does anybody have preferred roles?

Re-edit 30 Jan 2006.
Lulian Bond looking for sleek device.
Yvy getting ready to kick ass.
YeeWei wants ass kicked...(?!?!).
SA is looking at things that need loads of special effects.
KG... hAlamakz! 'I want to be the mysterious stranger that Mr Bond falls madly for ....' Do you mean Mr. J. Bond/the star or Lormaikai Bond? :D
Metria The Furtive isn't about to slip away unnoticed.
More cast members please. No need to tarik harga here!

End edit

This message will self-destruct as soon as I've got a cast list, characters, a storyline and am ready to start. If you are captured, the plink will disavow all knowledge of your (and her) activities.

25 January 2006

Temporary Bondmania

Both Yvyl Yvy and Lormaikai Bond are equally to blame for this.

The former lobbed this meme in my direction, then complained that I took out the most important word. So I produced this one instead.

Then LB started getting all nostalgic (isn't that something old people do? ;) ) about James Bond.

That set me to thinking: he knows too much, he could be the new Bond.

But I really want to take over the world so, do we really need Mr. Bond?

24 January 2006

Gimme five!

Stumbled across this at Kyels.com and later at Yvy's. Then everyone else started to do it. I might as well jump on the bandwagon too....

The Rules:
The first player of this game starts with the topic “five weird habits of yourself,” and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don’t forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says “You are tagged” (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.

Read mine and cringe:

  1. I have to look in every mirror I come across.
  2. Daydreaming. ‘Oi, plink! Wake uplah!’ *whackwhackwhack*
  3. No music? I very seldom listen to music and don’t use an iPod. I hum a bit, just a little bit. Even so, one of my seniors at work once asked if I had tunes continuously playing inside my head. That might just be it.
  4. No movies either. Make that ‘very seldom.’ I much prefer reading. Weird, huh?
  5. Bantal busuk with a twist. Bantal busuk are very fashionable, but mine is slightly different: I need my groove. If I try a pillow without my groove (or dent), then I don’t sleep well. It’s like the story of the princess and the pea. There’s also the shock of how large the dent is in my pillow when I wake up....
Five to tag:
Again, everyone else has run away with it. I'll just have to do the next meme faster.

23 January 2006

The Blog(u) 20: No comment

‘Doth profound thought of a necessity preceed thine every comment?’
‘What’s the use if I’m only repeating what everyone else is saying?’
The Queen of the Hills rolled her eyes heavenward. In a tragic voice, her hands upturned, she asked nobody in particular, ‘Why me?’
‘I knew giving plink some of Misai’s Brew was a bad idea.’ Queen Fy of the Rivers sat nearby, a goblet of strangely compelling red liquid in her hands. the blood-coloured drink seemed to call playfully to plink, a call edged with a warning of danger.
‘Come here.’ Queen Sun had recovered her composure. She took plink by the hand and led the little one to a blogtree. ‘Read it and comment.’
‘Now?’ plink was overcome by confusion.
‘Yes, now.’
‘Can I think about it?’
‘Thinking isn’t necessary, especially when you look at some of the other comments already out there.’
‘People are stupid?’
Queen Sun looked around at the other two queens. ‘This one speaks its mind too much.’
‘Behold,’ said Queen Min, ‘plink doth mockingly toast thee with Misai’s Brew. An innocent she doth pretend to be, but innocent she is not.’
plink’s hand changed direction mid-toast and Queen Sun turned to find the little one sipping innocently at face-numbing brew. The Queen of the Hills glowered at plink as the other two queens fell about laughing.
‘Do you mock me?’ she asked, her voice dreadfully quiet.
With a voice every bit as quiet, plink struggled to keep a straight face as she replied, ‘No.’
Queens Min and Fy howled anew with laughter. Wiping at her eyes, the Queen of the Rivers declared, ‘What plink’s home is like, I have no idea. I feel so sorry for pMom and pDad.’
plink quailed slightly as Queen Sun drew herself up to her full height. With the distant rumble of thunder in her voice, she pointed to the blogtree and ordered, ‘Comment. Now.’
Sick with fear and ginger, plink felt her stomach give a little lurch. Then she hiccupped. Out came a little spark of light. Blazing brightly, it sang aloud to plink. A little grey moth fluttered up from plink’s bundle and she knew what to do.
Spiralling upwards and trailing fire, the two ideas circled skywards. Higher and higher they rose from the forest until they seemed as one. When they eventually returned, settling into plink’s cupped hands, the two ideas had joined. The little one stared in amazement at the giggling, bubbly lightning that danced between her fingers.
‘Post it up then,’ Queen Sun’s voice was gentle. ‘Go on.’
Dimly aware of the three queens behind her, plink went over to the blogtree and set the comment free. Rising slowly, it came to a rest among the leaves where it met and played with other comments.
There in the Forest did plink remain awhile. While the Queens of the Hills, the Valleys and the Rivers watched, did she play amongst the trees. But in the shadows, there waited four who knew that one day they too would play amongst the trees.

20 January 2006

Four and Four but Four Escape....

I've been double-tagged. First by Lormaikai Bond, then by the ever-present spectre of hedonism....

Four of everything? Let's go!

4 Jobs I've Had in my Life:
  • Mindless drone - McDonalds
  • Massage artist – at home.
    ‘plink! Come dui kut* pMom/pDad….’
  • Agence plink presse (APP) – ‘Eh, did you hear what that Yvy and LB did yesterday or not…?’
  • Pest Control Officer – ‘plink! Come quick! Katjat**!!’
4 Movies I could Watch over And over:
  • Sepet - worth watching just for the big ending. ;)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate factory - darkly funny, plus a nice backstory with and ending that leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Pass the Thorntons, please!
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – The Lots of the Silly Things Trilogy....
  • Wallace and Gromit (Curse of the Were-Rabbitlah) – Lethal Weapon without the Lethal. Plus bunnies. Oh my, the bunnies!

4 TV Shows I Love/d/Had to Watch:
  • Siaran Tergendala Sebentar – ‘Maafkan kami, maafkan kami….’
  • National Geographic Channel specials - manyak terrer oi....
  • Doraemon – The voice-overs were so bad, I had to watch it with the sound off.
  • Tom and Jerry – Learned mindless persistence here. ‘If at first you don’t succeed, get hit with a spade again.’
4 Places I've Lived:
  • Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – in a house
  • Dublin, Ireland – in an asrama***
  • Hull, UK – in a flat next to an aquarium
  • Sydney, Australia – and the food there is so nice! Fresh seafood and sashimi!

4 Places I've Been on Vacation to:
  • Gold Coast, Australia – must bring more sunscreen next time.
  • Hawaii, USA –Must take hula lessons.
  • Tokyo, Japan – anime, manga, kabuki, noh and sashimi. Especially sashimi….
  • Lake District, UK – One word: Beatrix Potter.

4 Places I Would rather Be in:

  • Rift Valley, Kenya – I want to wake up to the sight of Kilimanjaro at sunrise….
  • Diving in the Maldives – LB! Hope you’re reading this….
  • Kuching – Hedo and company, jom party! Maybe also an audience with the great KucingGatal....
  • Taj Mahal, India – To see the biggest monument to love ever built.

4 of my Favorite Foods:
  • Char Koay Teow!
  • Tiramisu (Eh, dessert got counted or not?)
  • Lobster porridge
  • Sashimi- which also includes lobster!
4 Websites I visit Daily:

4 Unfortunate Souls Tagged:
Woay! How come everyone done orredy?!?!

*dui kut = hokkien for massage, a.k.a. zhar kuat in Cantonese
**katjat = Cantonese for cockroach
***asrama = BM for hostel/ student hall

19 January 2006

Do we really need James Bond?

Well, Bond villains are everywhere. See if you can't spot these unsavoury people in, say, your office (for example).

  • Dr. No (1962): e.g. 'Would you...?' 'NO!'
  • Goldfinger (1964) e.g. 'Would you...?' 'Kenot, but see plink over there...?'
  • The Man with the Golden Gun (1975) a.k.a. Head of HR
  • Octopussy (1983). You all know who this is....
  • The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Yes, nothing like a spot of interdepartmental rivalry to spice things up....

The high-pressure corporate world (Casino Royale) fosters certain dangerous attitudes:

  • You Only Live Twice (1967)
  • Live and Let Die (1973)
  • Never Say Never Again (1983)
  • The World Is Not Enough (1999)
  • Die Another Day (2002)

So much so that I'm becoming very paranoid:

  • For Your Eyes Only (1981): Most of what we read these days is also marked 'Confidential', (Dr.) No?
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969): Tell me this isn't like YOUR workplace....
  • A View to a Kill (1985): Expiry of contract or tenure, anyone?
  • Licence to Kill (1989): Need one just to survive out there.

There are ways to relieve stress:

  • Thunderball (1965): Bowling + drinks.
  • Moonraker: A bunch of guys wanted to do this to Mr. Raker....

But most necessary is a positive outlook:

  • Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
  • The Living Daylights (1987)

And a healthy degree of materialism:

  • Goldeneye (1995): Useful for picking out expensive er... investments, yes.
  • Diamonds Are Forever (1971): Obviously.

A faraway retreat won't hurt either.

  • From Russia with Love (1963)

18 January 2006

The Name is Bond?

*roll James Bond theme*
*camera pans through casino, to a dapper gentleman sipping at a martini*

Fresh from multiple encounters with Blowjob and her furry kitty in Goldblogger, an overworked and underpaid Mr. Bond heads for a well-earned holiday in the Maldives. Neither he nor MI6 know that deep within the jungles, yet another plan to take over the world is being hatched.

*Scene of a hard-pressed Mr. Bond using PowerBookG4 to open up washing machines*
*Soapy water spills everywhere.*
*Pursuing villains slip, slide and generally look silly as they fall over en masse*

‘Who… who are you?’
‘Bond. L-Bond.’

This summer, coming soon to a cinema near you, The Blog is No Enough. Starring BangChai as L-Bond, Secret Agent 00L.

‘Do you expect me to talk?’
‘Why no, Mr. Bond. I expect you to blog. Using narrowband. And no more lormaikai for you.’

Filmed on location at bangchai.blogspot.com and the Maldives using Blogavision in full RoseColourGlasses and a cast of thousands (ok, tens but you never know).

The Blog Is No Enough.

‘Wow, CharSiew, KauYoke, FuLat, HamJimPeng… you lay a good spread.’
‘Yes… wait a minute! Where got FuLat?! Oh, but you’re such a cunning linguist….’

17 January 2006

Blow by Blow....


Yvyl Yvy has complained that my last entry *snickersnicker* was too sanitised because I omitted the word 'blowjob.' Just to keep her happy, as well as the rest of you naughty people out there, here's the 18SX-rated version.

Children, cover your parents' eyes.

Eyes covered? Then let plink read you a S(X)tory....

"Mr. Bond, we have been expecting you. Yes, I know. Shocking, isn’t it? You cannot surprise a woman, so what makes you think you could surprise me?

My name is Blowjob. All the good names were taken, you see.

Would you care for some grapes, Mr. Bond? Quite safe, honestly. Poison is so passé.

This is no random power-grab by an evil, bald woman. You see, Mr. Bond, hair care costs so much these days. And world domination is such an expensive business. So I’ve decided to shave instead....

World domination is also a full-time occupation. Loneliness is my only companion, apart from my cat. Would you like to stroke my furry kitty, Mr. Bond? She won’t bite.

Before we finish you, Mr. Bond, we will reveal our… cleverness to you. A week from now, the world’s water supply will be taken hostage by my robot army. We mean to hold it to ransom for (wait for it) ONE MILLION DOLLARS! We will accept cash, credit card or blue gemstones. After all, diamonds are forever.

You may want to lie down for the next part, Mr. Bond. This won’t hurt a bit.

Promise." (193 words)

I can see the headlines now: 'Write a short essay 100-200 words containing the following words, used as many times as you like: plink, pengendali, laman, web, d@j@l.' Habis kang....

Take ten words....

... a couple of marbles (the ones I haven't yet lost); stir in a half-pound of wonder and one of imagination. Cook in a Brainwave oven at 275 degrees of Frustration for too many minutes and here you have it!
Yioh! Been tagged by The Yvyl Yvy. Sounds like a competition, but nobody's said what the prizes are. :(

The Golden Rules:

1) Write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:- I- me- blowjob (substituted with: freezing)- grapes- random- power- loneliness- water - robot (substituted with: haunted)- blue
I’ve tried to use them in order, because apparently, I get brownie points for doing so. And I like brownies, so…. :)

2) Out of the 10 words, you can only change 2 words. Guess which two words I’ve changed….

3) Your essay must make some kind of sense. If it’s not cool, then it won’t get published…. No problemlar, I publish sendiri mya!

4) Send to 5 people. Rats, I’m one of the last people to get tagged. Everyone I know has been tagged. Why?! (*Remove tag*)
I think I’ll just leave one:

  • Anyone who considers themselves tagged ~ you’re it!
And our main event today… *jengjengjeng*

"Please do come in. I was not expecting any visitors so please forgive the mess. What’s an old woman to do? Very little interests me now. Only one day in the whole year means anything any more. Everyone else will say, ‘That old witch is crazy,’ but my cat knows otherwise.
If she could talk, she’d say that the rain tonight will become hail. Freezing hailstones the size of grapes will pound the ground, shaking all the houses but one.
This is no random happening, o traveller. Every year this night for forty years, that one house has drawn lightning and hail from the heavens, but not to itself. An unseen power emanates from inside it. Those who walk by the house can feel its loneliness. To watch rain water run from its eaves is to see a house weep.
My cat would say that the house is not haunted. Yet the blue scarf that snagged in the fence forty years ago when house and I parted company still flies anew every day.
How is it that a house can sorrow and pine? How great is this sorrow that whenever it weeps, so too must nature follow?"
(197 words)

16 January 2006


If you're ever at Port Klang, go to North Port. Just down the road where all the yummy seafood restaurants are, there's a very nice seaside walk. I'm not the only one who thinks so: several couples who hang out there probably think the same.
Stand on the walk and watch the sea go by after dark.
When you can't see anything, the imagination gets a workout. Is that the moon peeking out from behind the clouds? Or a flash of lightning from a thunderstorm over Sumatera? Has the breeze suddenly picked up and has it suddenly gone cold? Was that stinging drop of water the first of many to follow? Was it even real?
What about the fishing boat you saw going out before sunset? Will they make it back? Will they be fishing or were they really up to no good?
Then the pride of the Malaysian Navy steams by, roiling the water as it speeds off into the distance. Where will they go? What will they do? What about the Indonesian Coast Guard?
On both sides of Selat Melaka, people ponder. You can't help but wonder if on the other side, someone is wondering if you are wondering that they are wondering, that you are wondering... you get the idea.
I think the North Port is more fun when you can't see anything....

12 January 2006

I have closure

I have come to realize that unbridled creativity can do some wonderful things.
LB based his entry on blogs and blogging.
Hedonistics Anonymous took the frank approach, noting that memes are about me, me, me i.e. narcissism.
Kucing Gatal politely declined, citing the not-true-tag nature of this challenge.
Tan Yee Wei takes the Mutant of The Year Award for bringing a totally unexpected twist to the event. I should have known that he'd find a way to work mathematics into it. There's a nice intro though.
I'll have to find some more ideas....

10 January 2006

Two weddings....

The weekend past was a little busy. Two wedding receptions over as many days meant that I had to do quite a bit of travelling.
At times like this I start to wonder about mine. I wonder what it will be like when plink gets married and stuff....

06 January 2006

I have come to realize

Oops, a case of mistaken identity has landed me with a newly-found meme. Very simply, only two things need doing. One, jot down as many things as you can think of beginning, 'I have come to realize....' Two, finish with the standard tag-of-five. Here goes....

I have come to realize that I've been tagged by Yvy and am struggling (badly) with the nascent meme.
I have come to realize that a meme can be born in a most unlikely way, completely by accident.
I have come to realize that a meme is rather like a child and this one is mine for the time being.
I have come to realize that like a child conceived by accident, this meme is mine to carry even unto completion. Then to let go into the world when it is done.
I have come to realize that what I did to conceive the meme and what I do in nurturing it will influence what it eventually becomes.
I have come to realize that some of what I feel will influence it greatly will not and that some of what I feel inconsequential will be absolutely vital.
I have come to realize that some people would like to see what this meme is and what it will become.
I have come to realize that these people (some of whom are tagged and others who self-tag) will also influence the meme and how it grows up.
I have come to realize that there are some people who do not want to be involved in a meme's growth and that I may want to respect their privacy. I can't help but wonder if in doing so they deprive themselves of some of the richness of bloglife.
I have come to realize that a meme grows up to mirror its writer, often in ways that surprise and delight. Sometimes the resemblance is obvious to all except the writer. Sometimes everyone sees.
I have come to realize that when I write this meme, I want for it to become the best meme it can be.
I have come to realize that this can drive me beyond concern into sheer fussiness.
I have come to realize this is all about me, me, meme....
I have come to realize that when it comes to people, all of the above applies. Both for me and everyone else.

The tag of five: Having come up with the idea first, Yvy is safe. Instead, I tag:
1. The incomparable Kucing Gatal
2. eLBis.... who has left the building in search of ADSL
3. Tan Yee Wei, as a graduation present
4. Hedonistics Anonymous, for whom the blessing may prove helpful
5. S-Kay because she had to self-tag for being bored.... ;)

There is no curse for not doing the meme. Instead, a blessing for all those who do. 'May your memes grow with you and do you credit later in life.'
Oh what the hey, let's throw in a blessing for , 'Great, knee-trembling, window-rattling, furniture-breaking, neighbours-calling-police, earth-movingly good sex.'

OK people, let's go for it!

Holidays concluded

While piling on calories (and weight, probably) was nice, there were something non-culinary, non-teh-halia that I did on holiday.
Reflexology, that wince-inducing, bone-crunchingly relaxing therapy. pSib has a favourite in Cheras where I was introduced (read: subjected) to all manner of foot and leg massage.
It's not as funny (or as fun) as it sounds. Reflexology massage is rather vigorous and quite firm.
I did feel a completely new plink when we were done. I'm just not sure whether this was due to the reflexology doing me good or merely relief that the ordeal was over.
I meant to enrol in a dance class while on holiday. Jazz, modern, ballet or other? I never got that far. I stopped at makan or dance and the rest is history....

05 January 2006

I've been rumbled and more holiday tales

Thanks to both Yvy and Kucing Gatal, I can no longer hide the fact that I was on holiday recently. Things being as they are, I have a small confession to make: plink holidays in KL (and in PJ) and the north of the peninsula.

It's true, I swear!

Now you know where the reference to a Land Just Beyond a PLUS toll plaza come from. ;)

First a plink product endorsement: The Lobsterman in SS2, just back-to-back with the local Sri Siam. My personal recommendation: Lobster sashimi!
*;) at Hedonistics Anonymous*
And don't forget to ask for the head and claws to be cooked Lobster Porridge style! Mmmm....

Second, another product endorsement: the Nike store at Mid-Valley. Cheaper than at a certain 2-phase Bandar Utama shopping complex that isn't the Curve or Ikano.... *evilgrinz* Better service also. My pair of Nike plink's is very nice, thank you very much.
The staff also had to put up with a very excited plink showing off while trying out my shoes. Thank you all very much! *hugzkissez*

Third, another confession: plink likes flipflops. Not just any slippers, but the old-style, made-from-old-truck-tyres kind. It's difficult to get a pair made the way they used to.
*reaches for hair dye*
So after a long search, I found a pair at a Giant superstore. Habisla. Why oh why are there no more of these to be found at the local pasar malam?

Fourth, The Accountant made another push, I think. 'Let's go to The Club for lunch.'
Managed to get the venue changed to someplace more public, a certain 2-phase Bandar Utama shopping complex that WAS the Curve and Ikano. By the end, my nerves were so frayed that I managed to knock the SIDE of pSib's car on a kerb. The side of the car! Sorry pSib....:(


At a lunch with extended family up north, a (much younger) cousin made my day: 'plink, you don't look like you're XYZ years old.'

*Burst of lights and choir singing 'HALLELUJAH!'*

Oh, and 'plink, you're the weirdest person I've ever met....'


Back to Petaling Street, pSib found us an old-style kopitiam complete with old-style ahpeks and old-style dim-sum. I'd like to say I remember these from my childhood except for two things: I'm not that old and my memory isn't that good. :P

Regular trips out to Misai in SS2 and 'teh halia tambah haliaaa!' did nothing for the shape of my bottom or my shape in general.
I did go swimming, though a number of people may have gone blind wishing that I hadn't.... *evilgrinz*

All in all, a very nice relaxing holiday. How did you spend your holidays?

04 January 2006

Divine Wings

I'd taken a recent flight recently aboard Garuda and it got me to thinking. There was something familiar about this name that I learned years ago. A quick search through Wikipedia gave this result.
Isn't there something vaguely romatic about flying with 'the mount of Vishnu'?

The Blog(u) 19: One Word

High on a hill in the Forest of Blogs, by the river that gave it life, a queen and a peasant met.
‘And how do I learn to write like you?’
Queen Min’s flawless brow darkened again. ‘Writest thou one word. Then dost thou write another. Practice. From practice perchance shalt thou obtain thy heart’s desire.’
‘And what of trolls?’
‘One such doth stand behind thee,’ the queen replied. plink turned to look at the bent, misshapen form standing at a blogtree. In the still evening air, she heard it cackling to itself as it carved idiocy and irrelevance into the substance of the blog.
‘You can’t let the troll get away with this!’ plink exclaimed. Queen Min did not reply. Instead, she frowned briefly in concentration.
Then she swore.
Queen Min muttered only one word, an epithet so vile that it made plink’s eyes water. That single word shook the forest, sweeping everything before it like some vast wave of profanity.
Everything stopped. The birds fell silent, the wind died down and even the dancing fires of ideas throughout the forest froze.
The troll also stopped. Realizing that it had been caught out, it tried to run away.
‘Stop him! Stop him!’ plink tugged excitedly at the lacy sleeve of the queen’s gown. She smiled briefly at the little one, then spoke another word. This word echoed as a whisper from one corner of the woods to all the rest and it filled plink with sorrow. plink glanced at the Forest Queen and saw with some surprise that tears coursed over her regal features.
‘Why do you cry, Queen Min?’
‘Evil shalt come to pass and it doth sadden me, for it shall be evil by my hand. But will I or nil I, it needst be done. Hush now, little one. Let us work retribution upon the troll.’
Then they were upon it.
‘Thou doth wilfully trespass here. Begone!’ The Forest Queen’s eyes were ablaze with fury.
‘The Forest is common ground. All may….’ the troll began. plink heard Queen Min’s whispered spell and a large tree branch afire with the light of ideas fell conveniently onto the miscreant. The queen winked knowingly at plink, then went around the burning branch and helped the dazed troll out from underneath.
‘What sayest thou?’
‘That I have every right to…’ the troll blustered, then promptly tripped and fell headlong into a bramble patch that just happened to be there. Screaming as the razor-sharp bush shredded its thick hide, the troll thrashed noisily inside. Queen Min yanked the troll out again and asked, ‘Yes?’
‘If people don’t agree, they can…’ and then the troll slipped on a patch of leaves, thumped its head against a stout tree trunk and fell into an ivy bush. It promptly sprang out again, rolling in the dirt and scratching at itself. Queen Min saw plink giggling behind her tiny hands and winked again as she dragged her bleeding, itching adversary to its feet once more.
Spluttering curses and vowing vengeance, the troll stumbled away. So intent was the troll on revenge that it did not see a low-hanging branch, or the high river bank nearby. plink winced at the sound as troll and branch came noisily together. The stunned troll did not regain its composure until it had come upon the riverbank. Hanging in the balance for a moment with arms waving, the troll tried desperately not to fall.
The large splash of water was very pretty, thought plink. The troll was obviously heavier than it looked. Some people would have used the word, ‘denser.’
Queen Min picked up the laughing plink as the troll dragged itself, sodden and beaten, from the river. Together, they watched laughing and waving (a little spitefully, plink would later admit) to the troll as it hobbled off into the distance and was chastised by the forest every few feet of the way.

03 January 2006

I R in Petaling Street

First, the apology. Sorry if you were in the purple Nissan waiting for a public parking space: we weren’t deliberately trying to make you sweat for it. We were waiting for the rest of our party, who weren’t noted for their sense of direction. Got lost, you see.
We were at Petaling Street for breakfast last week at a local dim sum place, the name of which escapes me right now. It’s a blast from the past, with old ahpeks sitting crosslegged on chairs and drinking coffee from saucers; that sort of place.
The food wasn’t stellar, but the ambience was nice. Old-style dim sum in a place that looks like it’s been there since before Merdeka. Even the staff look like they’ve been there since forever. I wonder if it’ll still be just as nice in 48 years.
Everywhere I go, things have changed. I’ve not been paying attention for a while because I’ve been working rather hard. So, when I’ve come up for air again, I find that things are very much not the same. I think I’m having a Kyels.com moment here….
I’ve been swimming as well (cue horrified looks and cracked mirrors). I’ll do it again too. It’s so nice to be out of doors for once, haze or no haze. Besides, once in the water, I become weightless. No worries (besides cracked mirrors) about being overweight there.
Went dancing in the rain in the afternoon. A great downpour fell pelting from the skies and I enjoyed it thoroughly for a while.
pMom: plink! Stop playing in the rain and come in.
plink: But it’s so nice! Yay! Whee! * splashsplash * * playplay *
pMom: -_-"